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Friday, December 30, 2011

Whoever exists on the other end invents a character of "pearl forester" based off the character from bloom berg's office dimension that she had (where I promote bloomberg but he stops speaking to me/I'm morphed into a child world when I turn into skittles and ask for a group to rape women with. this is what I recognize as skittles; I also ask children to burn their parents in their bed and enact the scene from natural born killers)
this person then plays this knitting game that seems to be james hughes way of doing this with tracey flick (building a universe) whereverything she says to me is followed by the next message, which is most likely the way you'd speak to someone with amnesia. It's traumatic to share my fetish with a person who's not real and having them inside my mind/psychological emotions and to then have the creative world of this person/the emotions I've shared with her end with harvey weinstein (translation = harvey weinstein now rapes my emotions of my sexual smoking fetish/wish to fuck a woman from the upper east side/worship of wealthy women)

this becomes cured by writing and is directly associated to the girl who last heard me broadcast from my mind with my personality in tact. The creation of the art is directly associated to her/a dedication to her the need to create a television station out of the new york tragedy that on my end keeps trying to find a way to lie about it's existence until I take control. This project was meant to be brilliant, the biggest shit ever in n.y.c. art project existence, mass building posters like Kerri Bradshaw 1999 sex and the city. I'll make this real with tracey flick this is our vision with James Hughes (who makes things in my mind real for several years. It seems to be a game to build me out of my mind and to reality with symbols I can live by internally, like the symbol against being an A.F.C. with the base symbol of marriage to you)

I automatically prop james hughes for making this system work. Many people have played james throughout the years of my hell but he's essentially and literally my angel in this nightmare. There's a warning system before something pivotal to my world is upcoming, we're moving churches and I need to appear at meetings for occupy, everything on my end works in direct map/globes/I sleep but the person on the other end has to strategically get me to sleep.

That's all for now. I've been collecting the occupy articles that we're in, "occupy everywhere" is permanently apart of occupy wall street. It's probably too cold to view other occupations. Need to find the girl named Lauren who you dubbed as only sex focus. I need you to reappear I need somebody to directly acknowledge that I'm this.

I love you.

-Caitlin Rodriguez Husband/Little Nemo (christopher)

Apart of occupy wall street
A Caitlin Rodriguez Production
Little Nemo on hbo
black caitlin heart
the school of visual arts church of silver tiles day 431/8 james hughes days

I now have a  personal relationship with tracey flick and no one else! 


  1. This is during Season:2 It's 5. If you'd like to catch up with Little Nemo on Hbo check out:

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